Fig and Greek Cheese Mini Phyllo Pies

Fig and cheese pies

The combination of cheese and fruit is a classic one and common in Greece as well. The most popular combinations being feta cheese with watermelon or cantaloupe but also another lesser known combo: Graviera Cheese and figs. Graviera is a…


Greek Style Roasted Olives

roasted olives

I came across this idea in a magazine ad featuring the restaurant owner Donatella Arpaia, who mentioned spicy roasted olives as an appetizer idea.  I had never had roasted olives other than in a cooked dish, so this seemed very…


Feta and Greek Yogurt Pita Appetizer

feta pita appetizers

I had a bought a bunch of pitas, not the type you use for a souvlaki but the other type, which here in Greece are called “Arabic” pitas, to distinguish them from the Greek style ones, and had some leftovers…


Greek Carrot & Parsley Breadsticks

greek breadsticks

Breadsticks in Greece are consumed and made in a slightly different way than they are in Italy. Greeks call breadsticks kritisinia from the Italian word for breadsticks grissini. Now in Greece these types of breadsticks are not consumed as something…


Greek Veggie Patties-Favokeftedes


I remember when I came across my first meatless burger, and I cannot say that I was particularly excited. For starters I did not like the taste and why would I eat something that contains highly processed ingredients but yet…


Roasted Figs Stuffed with Feta Cheese

feta figs

The scent of a fig tree always reminds me of summers in Greece. At my father’s village, there was a big fig tree in the back garden, we enjoyed its shade all those hot summer afternoons and we waited patiently…