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Men, Listen up! This is Your Super Food.


Obviously I believe that tomatoes are one of the best foods we have. In the Greek kitchen tomatoes transform even the most boring vegetable into a delicious meal. But even plain, good, in-season tomatoes are wonderful with a sprinkle of…

Greek Chicken Cooked in Tomato-Kotopoulo Kokkinisto

Greek Chicken-Kotopoulo Kokkinisto

So I’m back! Every time this year I attend the Food and Nutrition Conference organized by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (former American Dietetic Association). As I am the President of the International Affiliate (American Overseas Dietetic Association), I…

Olives, Olive Oil and Tomatoes


Welcome to Olive Tomato! This is my first post and I wanted to explain the story behind the name. For me, olive oil is the quintessential ingredient of the Greek- Mediterranean diet, but pairing it with tomato makes a perfect…