Greek Gastronomy Museum Opening Soon

May 31, 2013


The first museum dedicated to Greek Gastronomy will be opening in the summer of 2013 according to an announcement on the museum’s website. This is definitely good news as the history of food and cuisine is an important part of any culture, and Greek food with its history and influences needs an area to highlight this and we welcome this initiative and look forward to it.

The space located in the lively area of Psyrri in the center of Athens, will be a center where visitors can learn the history, culture, and nutritional value of Greek food. Visitors will be able to experience the process of production of Greek ingredients as well as methods of cooking. The exhibits will consist of traditional folk art objects, photographs and audiovisual material

Tours will be conducted in small groups in several languages and visitors will have the opportunity to taste dishes that are cooked with ingredients presented at the museum. Finally, visitors have the option to purchase traditional Greek products in a store located in the museum.

For more information you can visit the museum’s website at

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