Lose weight with these simple tips based on the  Worlds #1 Diet The Mediterranean Diet

By Elena Paravantes RDN

The Mediterranean Diet is known for protecting from heart diseases, cancer, diabetes and many more , but did you know that it is also known and scientifically proven as an ideal weight loss diet? Here are the top 7 habits to get you started:

Use a generous amount of olive oil 

*Olive oil keeps you full and increases satiety hormones plus it controls belly fat.

Eat your main  meal early in the day

*Plan to eat between  1-3 pm

Eat Greek Yogurt

*Greek yogurt is thicker and has more protein that can help maintain muscle mass

Eat vegetables as a main course

*Eating non-starchy vegetables as a main course keeps you full without loading on carbs.

Eat a Mediterranean Good Mood Food Daily

*The Mediterranean diet is known to improve mood which is important when trying to lose weight

Cut down on the snacks

*Too much snacking between meals does not necessarily help you lose weight according to research. Stick to 3 meals a day and 2 small snacks.

Eat beans twice a week

*Consumption of beans has been associated lower body weight and weight loss. Eat them as a main.

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