“Kalosorisate” (welcome)!

Welcome to Olive Tomato. If you want to learn more about the Mediterranean Diet and are looking for tried and trusted information, you’re at the right place. My name is Elena Paravantes and I am Registered Dietitian living in Greece, I talk about the nutritional value of Greek food and Greek ingredients and the latest research. Join me as I discuss easy ways to incorporate Greek and Mediterranean ingredients and recipes to your diet.

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  1. I’m moving to Molyvos , Lesvos. I really could do with Season recipes, as We grow Organic fruit & veg. I can wait to return and start cooking Greek with fresh produce. Would it be possible to find a good Mousaka recipe. My favourite. Thank You Emma x

    1. Hello Emma,
      Thank you for your comment.
      Molyvos is beautiful, you are very lucky. Here at olivetomato.com I cook with in-season fruit and vegetables, so can find recipes based on that produce. I am working on a “lighter” mousaka.