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Food and Nutrition Writing

Elena is an experienced food, nutrition and health writer with 20 years experience. She provides engaging articles and stimulating content for websites, blogs, magazines, trade publications, newsletters, food and beverage companies, super markets and food related businesses.

Sponsored Posts and Consulting

As a Mediterranean diet expert, Elena partners with organizations and companies with a Mediterranean diet and cuisine focus. She collaborates with brands that she believes in and are in line with the Mediterranean Diet and her eating philosophy.

She can provide sponsored posts, nutrition consulting for product, service and program development. This includes development of marketing materials such as pamphlets, brochures and press releases and management of Social Media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest

Presentations, seminars, workshops and cooking demonstrations

Elena discusses health, food and the Mediterranean diet with different types of audiences. She is available to speak at conferences, fairs, companies, schools, universities and other facilities. Her presentations are available in both English and Greek.

Recipe Development

Elena believes that healthy and delicious food is the ideal way to improve your eating habits, with that in mind she develops recipes that combine these two components while following the principles of the Mediterranean diet. She is available for development of Mediterranean inspired recipes for organizations, companies, media, individuals.

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Contact Elena at [email protected] for more information and fees.

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  1. why can’t I sign up to subscribe to your site?

  2. Donna Williams says:

    Hello and thank you for this amazing website and cookbook. Is there a list of acceptable substitutes list available? My husband doesn’t like feta cheese, certain veggies and beans. Thank you again.

  3. I have been enjoying your cookbook and site for a few years. I am looking for an authentic recipe for Fattoush salad, specifically the dressing. Many that I have found online require pomegranate molasses. Can you recommend a good brand? Thank you so much!

  4. I have your book, and I love the recipes, they use cups as measurements , in the U.K. we tend not to use cups, so how do I adjust , are they American cup sizes ?

  5. Thelma Moore says:

    My book is being delivered today from Amazon. I have tried your recipes and like them. Many recipes call for feta cheese. I would like more variety. Is there a good substitute or another cheese to use.

    1. Hi Thelma, Thank you and hop[e you enjoy the book. Regarding feta, it has a unique tangy flavor, if you would like to substitute you can try goat cheese which has a similar texture. In some cases blue cheese may also work. But they both will have a different flavor.

  6. Sorry, I did my email wrong.. I wanted to know about the pinto beans and cottage cheese. Are they ok to use?

  7. I have a question about pinto beans? Are they ok to use? Also how about cottage cheese?

  8. Judy Marston says:

    Just got your book and the recipes look delicious. However in addition to eating healthy I also need to lose some weight. Seeing the calories on the weekly menus I don’t see how that would be possible. I need to be in at least the 1200 calorie range, 1800 calories is to much. Do I just leave out things or how do I adjust to stay in the lower calories?

    1. Hi Judy! Thank you! You can adjust the calories by consuming the lower end of recommended servings of each food group that I note on page 22. I would suggest staying at the highest intake for vegetables and legumes and controlling mostly the starchy foods. Generally a calorie level of 1500 calories can result in weight loss for most women. I would suggest starting at that level first.

  9. Cheryl Hawkins says:

    Yes, Brenda, I have the same issue. I’m curious what Elena might say. Very confusing.

  10. Stephany Wingard says:

    I want to ask about a recipe for Greek lemon potatoes. I looked at yours, but it was not like the potatoes I was served at a restaurant. All the recipes I’ve seen the potatoes are roasted; the ones I ate appeared to have been boiled as they were soft all through and sort of “furry” like they had been boiled peeled. Very tender. The lemon flavor was soaked through like the potatoes had been marianted in lemon water long enough to be infused. Didn’t appear to have any garlic (shock!) or rosemary or other spices. I’ve never had anything like it and really enjoyed it. Would like to make my own, without going through multiple recipes and disappointments. Any ideas?

  11. Brenda Law says:

    Is there a way to convert a healthy Mediterranean diet into gluten free. Or combine the two?
    I have celiac changes in my intestines and the GI doctor said to eat gluten free. My other doctors tell me to eat Mediterranean. The Mediterranean diet seams to be whole wheat which I cant have.

  12. Hello Elena! I love your website, and have pre-ordered your book. I have a question, it seems many of the recipes call for tomatoes. I can have (cooked) tomatoes a couple times a week, but it is very hard on my acid reflux. Is there anything I can replace the diced tomatoes with!
    Thanks so much!

  13. Ariel Oppel says:

    Is sourdough bread acceptable to eat on the Mediterranean Diet?

  14. Houston Cole says:

    I was going to ask for a lifetime plan myself, like Kathy here. I’m so glad I found your website but I do not know where to start. Is there a website or other way to easily put together a healthy plan for oneself? I’m an athlete beginning to get back into rigorous training again so mine may be a bit complicated but it’s very important to me that I do it right. Along with me for this ride will be my girlfriend who I imagine will need somewhat of a different approach. Again, so glad I found this site for us. Thank you for all your hard work you’ve put into it. I’d like to support if I can…

  15. Kathy Webster says:


    I am interested in what you charge as a Dietician ….I’m looking for a lifetime plan to be healthy and trim.