The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Beginners

This is the only guide you’ll need to get started on the authentic Mediterranean diet! The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Beginners is packed with everything you need to know about the Mediterranean Diet: guidance, menu plans, lifestyle advice, cooking tips, a comprehensive food list and 100 delicious recipes! And the best part: this is the authentic Mediterranean diet. The book is based not only on science but my first hand experience with the diet I was raised on.

Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Beginners

My new cookbook -The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Beginners- is not your typical, generic Mediterranean diet book. It is written based on a lifetime of experience and packed with tried and trusted information that you will actually use, including insider information, hearty delicious recipes, cooking tips, shopping tips a menu plan.

Featuring a perfect balance of vegetables, grains, fruit, generous portions of olive oil, and occasional servings of meat and fish, the authentic Mediterranean diet is not only healthy, it’s delicious! But how do you get started on this incredible time-tested, scientifically proven diet? The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Beginners (DK/Penguin Random House) is the only resource you’ll need, with 100 recipes and practical advice from Mediterranean Diet expert and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Elena Paravantes.

Here’s what you’ll find in this comprehensive guide and cookbook!

  • 100 simple, tried-and-tested, healthy and delicious recipes, made with fresh, wholesome ingredients, and each with detailed nutrition information
  • An easy-to-follow 14-day meal plan to get you started, with comprehensive shopping and food lists, and tips for creating your own menus
  • Detailed guidance on how to shop for the right ingredients, how to cook the Mediterranean way, and how to stick with the diet for life
  • Practical insight and tips for adopting a Mediterranean lifestyle that will improve not just your health, but your overall wellbeing
  • Variety of recipes for all needs:
    • Over 65 gluten free recipes
    • Over 85 vegetarian recipes
    • Over 85 egg free recipes

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Praise for the Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Beginners

The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Beginners provides valuable information on the traditional Mediterranean diet and its representative foods, identifying mainly Greek foods, mostly of which are virtually unknown, together with some recipes from southern Italy.  Indeed, a much-needed book in this time of confusion. Elena Paravantes provides us with an informed approach to the traditional Mediterranean Diet offering a clear method to introduce this dietary pattern with its health benefits, delicious taste, and contribution as a sustainable food system.” – Antonia Trichopoulou, M.D., President Hellenic Health Foundation; Professor Emeritus, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Medical School.

“The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Beginners is informative, accurate and exciting–sharing the beautiful Mediterranean diet with its benefits and recipes.  Elena has been the authoritative resource on line, and now her work is in print.  Every family will benefit from daily use in homes around the world.  Use it and live well!” – Sylvia Escott-Stump, MA, RDN, LDN, FAND,  A former President, The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Faculty Associate University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Hands down the most comprehensive guide and cookbook for living an authentic Mediterranean life. Lifestyle medicine is the practice of treating chronic disease through your diet, exercise and stress reduction practices. Let this book be your “prescription” for a Mediterranean Lifestyle. Enjoy these quick and simple dishes that are sure to be family favorites. Discover how to combine nutrient dense herbs, olive oil and vegetables to optimize your health and longevity.” -Bethany Doerfler, MS, RDN, Clinical Research Dietitian, Division of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, and Adjunct Faculty, Marciella School of Nursing, Loyola University.

“I love getting a lesson in the Mediterranean Diet and recipes straight from a fellow registered dietitian nutritionist who lives it every day! And I’m excited to share this cookbook with my clients as a resource for starting an authentic Mediterranean Diet. Elena delivers solid nutrition information with delicious and approachable recipes. The Spanakorizo (Greek Spinach and Rice), Chunky Red Pepper and Feta Dip, and the Mediterranean Garlic and Herb – Roasted Cod are my favorites so far and I can’t wait to work my way through the rest of the cookbook!” -Marisa Moore, MBA. RDN. LD.Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Integrative and Culinary Dietitian

“I’m so excited to see this practical approach to the Mediterranean Diet!  The nutritional advice, meal plans and simple recipes make following this healthy diet easy for everyone.” -Candance Gabel, MS, RDN, LD., Community Nutrition Education Program, Extension Associate Professor, Oklahoma State University

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Recipes from the Book


  1. Just got your cookbook and I just tried my first recipe out of it (Mediterranean Black-Eyed Pea Stew). I have several other Mediterranean-type cookbooks but I believe yours is going to have to be my #1 Go-To from now on. (Even my picky husband loved the stew!) Also great that many of the recipes are for 2 or 3 servings, since it is just the two of us.

    The black-eyed pea stew is definitely a do-again
    I’m so glad I decided to get your book. I have a tendency to collect cookbooks, and many recipes wind up being made only once, because they are either too labor-heavy or don’t live up to the expectation. Looks like yours is NOT going to be in that category!

  2. Hi Elena,
    I live in Melbourne, Australia, is 77 years old and decided in February 2021 that I would like to follow the Mediterranean Diet. I have just purchase your Cookbook and it is really fantastic, especially having both metric and imperial measures, and I am learning fast how to cook the many wonderful recipes. Thank you very much.

  3. If you are trying not to get diabetes, can you eat fruit? I am interested in buying your cookbook

  4. Dear Elena, I read your website regularly and use your recipes often, so I will definitely be buying your new book. Do you have any specific advice in it about weight loss? Specifically, do you have any advice for someone doing strength training who wants to build muscle and lose fat simultaneously? I understand that one needs more protein in such a diet. Thanks for all your great Work! Bruce Wilson, Montreal, Canada.

  5. It would be very helpful if your recipe ingredients were listed in the order that they were used. Thank you.

  6. Elena:
    I need to communicate with you regarding the use of your book by my clients. Could you please contact me as I have no means to contacting you through any other channel. Thanks

  7. I am really keen to order your book. I have been a vegetarian all my life and consider my diet as close, but not quite there, to a Mediterranean diet as possible The one thing that puts me off buying recipe books is that so many have meat or fish dishes. How does your book compare. Are there a lot of dishes without meat/fish or do you possibly offer substitutes? Looking forward to hearing back before I purchase. Thank you!

  8. Love your new book. Made a few recipes and they so delicious. I’d like to make the crust less zucchini and feta pie on page 89. The directions aren’t clear regarding where the yogurt ,flour mixture goes. Does the zucchini sit on top or get stirred in? Help ! Maybe I’m missing something?

    1. Hi Vicki, The Mediterranean diet has many foods that comply with a gastroapresis diet, namely well-cooked vegetables,there are numerous vegetable
      casseroles that are ideal for this condition, but reduce the olive oil.For CIDP, the Mediterranean diet is as it is an anti inflammatory diet.

  9. Loving your new cookbook. I love that it is a guide and a cookbook (with easy to follow, tasty recipes, I might add). Thank you for making this transition an easier one. I am loving everything about this lifestyle, right down to the small glass of wine with dinner…

  10. Hi Elena,
    Just got your wonderful book. Thank you for such a thorough explanation of the Mediterranean diet! I can’t wait to try your recipes. I love that eating the Mediterranean way is not a diet but a lifestyle.

  11. Hi Elena, I am enjoying the change of diet with quite a drop in carbohydrates. I am eating more fruit than ever before. I ate out the other night and had seafood which had been crumbed and cooked in oil and my body rebelled!! I have tried a mediterranean diet before but not as detailed as your 21 day Challenge. Thank you, it is a real education.

  12. I am thoroughly enjoying your new book and gradual lifestyle adjustment through your 21 day challenge. A silly question perhaps but from someone trying to transition off a diet high in processed carbs and sugars, I want to sure about this. You mention in your book the 5pm coffee and biscuit break. In Canada a biscuit is similar to the olive oil biscuit recipe you have. However, this appears to be something new to you from your comments there. In England it is a cookie. Can you please clarify what this might be In Greece?

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