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  1. Hi Elena,

    Compliments for your book, its great in content and typo. Just back from Karpathos, have been searching for a (vegi)moussaka recipe in the book and on your website. Could you create and share one allready? Best regards Arrie

  2. Phyllis McDaniel-Cook says:

    What can be used in place of chickpea and cucumber as husband will not eat these.

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  4. How much protein is consumed in a day following along with your daily meal plan?
    Thank you

  5. Love your book. Have a question. I make my own home made sourdough bread with King Arthur white flour, water and my own starter. Can I substitute the sourdough bread for the whole grain bread and still get the benefit of your diet?

    1. Homemade sourdough bread is ok, but generally you want to be getting whole grains in your diet as they provide more fiber and keep your blood sugra stable. You will still get the benefit of the diet as there are many beneficial components, but whole grains are important.

  6. Hi Elena,

    Do you know the dish maqlouba, also written as maqluba or maqloubeh? Do you know a recipe with chicken and eggplant?
    I would love to hear from you.


  7. I tried again but last time it was just over 3 days before I was notified that the email “could not be delivered”. Thanks.

  8. Hello, when I tried to email you, Elena, directly to the email address given above, after several days some “mail delivery system” notified me that that email address could not receive emails. Would you please give me an email address that will reach you? Thanks.

    1. Hi Margaret, The email is working from our side, and is accepting emails. You might want to try to resend the email. Thanks

  9. Hello, I am thoroughly enjoying this website and followed along in the 21-day challenge. My dietitian has recommended that I follow the Mediterranean diet and I find the recipes easy to follow and easy to make. When I roasted a whole cauliflower last night, it was so delicious that I ate half of it for supper and the other half for my evening snack. Today I will make the potatoes and celery leaves recipe again and will try the leek and feta pie with homemade phyllo. Really looking forward to the results. Although I at this time must improvise for a rolling pin, I am hoping that a round bottle of corn syrup will suffice. My dietitian herself follows this diet.

    1. Ann Lalor says:

      How can i order this diet book please?

  10. Marjorie Chmiel says:

    Hi Elena,
    I received your cookbook about a week ago and have been cooking from it almost daily. Your recipes do not disappoint!!! In fact, I’m often surprised at how delicious and filling they are, especially as I’m trying many foods that I always thought were pretty bland!! Tonight’s dinner was Fasolakia. Very tasty!! I’m so glad I found your website.

  11. connie petska says:

    Hi Elena
    I just received your book today. Everything looks so good. The zucchini and feta pie recipe on page 89 does not explain where to put the yogurt oil flour mixture in the pie. Maybe I missed something. Please clarify

    1. Hi Connie, Thank you! For the recipe you mix the yogurt mixture with the zucchini mixture. We will be rewording that in the next reprint. Thanks!

  12. Barbara Gibson says:

    Hi Elena,
    My husband has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s so I have bought your ebook to help me move towards a Mediterranean style diet. I love your book and thank you for inspiring me. However, I am a little confused with your Neapolitan Pasta and Zucchini recipe. I find I need 5 zucchini’s to reach the weight of 795 grams not 2 as in the recipe. Would you kindly clarify this for me? Thank you.

    1. Hi Barbara. Thank you! Regarding the recipe, it notes 2 large zucchini, which weigh between 320-400 gms each, hence the weight of 795 g which is 1 3/4 pounds, but you are fine using smaller zucchini, it’s the total weight that is important.

  13. Hi Elena. I was wondering if you could recommend an excellent olive oil brand I can but in the US or I am totally open to ordering from Greece or Italy. There are so many and I don’t even know where to start. I’ve bought California Olive Ranch, Pompeii, & the one I’m using now is Little Gypsy Farms (product of Greece). I really like this one but it comes in a clear glass bottle and I figured a good manufacturer would know not to sell it in a clear bottle from all that I’ve read. I’m just seriously confused at this point. Thanks.

  14. Deborah lowe says:

    I have not got any recipes from day 1. Would appreciate if you would update from day 1. My doctor advised my to the metterian diet for my cirrhosis of the liver