The Mediterranean Diet Can Save Lives: Here Are 5 Protective Foods You Need to Eat More Of

tomatoesA new study showed that a Mediterranean Diet could prevent 19,000 deaths a year in the United Kingdom. The researchers gathered information from 24,000 people over a period of 12 to 17 years and found that 12.5 % of heart attack and stroke deaths that happened could have been prevented if the Mediterranean diet was followed.

We know that diet and lifestyle can prevent a large number of chronic diseases, not only heart disease, but also cancer and well as metabolic diseases. A Mediterranean diet is ideal, as it does not involve extreme restrictions or tasteless bland food. It is  delicious due to the use of fresh produce, plenty of olive oil and herbs and spices.

The researchers scored their participants using various methods and one of them is the Pyramid Based Mediterranean Diet Score. While this tool was developed to assess a large number of people quickly, it can also be a good tool to see generally how much you are adhering to a Mediterranean style diet. Based on this measurement, you can quickly see what you need more of (and how much) and less of.

-Here is what you need to eat more of:

6 or more servings a day

2 or more servings a week

2 or more servings a week

Olive Oil
Main source of fat (2-3 tablespoons a day)

3-6 servings a day

-Here is what you need to eat in moderate levels:

1-2 servings a day

3-6 servings day

2 servings a day

2-4 servings a week

Men-2 servings a day
Women-1 serving a day

-Here is what you need less of

Red Meat
Less than 2 servings a week

Processed Meat
Less than 1 serving a week

White Meat
2 servings a week

Less than 3 servings a week

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  1. Looking forward to trying out a couple of these recipes over the next couple of days. Feeling healthier already. Will let you know how it goes.

  2. This is my first time on your site. I just made seame candy. Yummmm
    I also want to do the diet. Is there somewhere on your site that breaks down what
    a “serving” size is?
    Thank you,

  3. I love your blog! it continually to remind me that when I eat this way I feel so much Better!!!!!!

  4. I do not fully understand the recent article you posted regarding the med diet. You say eat moderately cereal 3-6 per day. Is that moderate? Is cereal the same as grains? As l cannot see grains on the list. Thanks