Greek Beer

In the past few years we have been seeing many new Greek beers on the market. For years Fix beer was known as “The” Greek beer, years later Alpha as well as Mythos became common choices. Today there are a number of new Greek breweries that offer unique formulations based on Greek ingredients.

Obviously this blog is not about Greek wine or beer, but I found it interesting how several beers are using Greek food ingredients as the selling point. I identified a few of these beers that I thought were quite interesting:

  • Septem is a microbrewery based in Evia in Greece. Their beer Sunday’s uses Greek floral honey, with the ingredients stating that it makes 9% of the ingredients (site is under construction).
  • Volkan is a beer from the Greek island of Santorini. It uses Santorini honey and citrus medica, which according to the company is a rare fruit bought to Greece from Persia. It is also filtered through a lava rock filter made from Santorini basalt (basalt is a volcanic rock).
  • BIOS 5 is a beer produced by Athenian Brewery, the same company that makes Alpha beer. The label states that this beer is made from 5 grains produced in Greece (barley, wheat, rye, corn and rice).

Breweries are poping up everywhere in Greece; you can find beers from the Cycladic Greek islands, Crete and even Messinia. Other Greek beers to look out for: Santorini Crazy Donkey, Nisos, Piraiki, BrinksVergina, Neda, Corfu Beer, Zeos.

So if you are in Greece or visiting Greece or in a Greek restaurant, look for (and drink) some of these new and cool Greek beers.

Photo by Olive Tomato (yes, that is my reflection in the beer bottles).

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