Mediterranean Lifestyle Challenge 2023 – Day 4

Greek coffee

Welcome to Day 4

What we drink is as important as what we eat when it comes to health and longevity.

Today we will cover hydration and generally the beverages that we drink. Water is one of the most important nutrients. Water makes up about 60% of our body’s weight. Water is important for many functions in our body, including keeping our joints lubricated, body temperature regulation, delivering nutrients to our organs, prevention of infections and more. Drinking enough water also can assist with weight loss, making us feel full and thus eat less.

What happens when you are not well hydrated?

When we are even slightly dehydrated, we may experience several symptoms: headaches, irritability, lack of concentration, anxiety, moodiness, hunger (we confuse thirst with hunger), fatigue, decreased metabolism (rate you burn calories), dry skin and more.

Long-term dehydration can increase the risk of stroke, skin damage, kidney stones, and urinary tract infections.

Hydration Linked to Longevity

New research shows that individuals who are well hydrated appear to be healthier, have a lower rate of chronic diseases (such as heart disease and dementia) and this appears to be linked to sodium levels in the blood that can be controlled with fluid intake.

Longevity Beverages and the Mediterranean Diet

All the beverages consumed in the Mediterranean diet apart from water are sources of antioxidants.

There are no soft drinks or juices consumed, nor is milk (dairy is mainly consumed through yogurt and cheese).

Water is the main beverage of choice for satisfying thirst; however, 3 other beverages are consumed at certain times of the day.


Greek style coffee is consumed in the morning and in the afternoon after the nap or quiet time. Greek coffee is boiled instead of brewed and is high in antioxidants and other compounds. Research has shown that this coffee can protect the heart and is associated with longevity. Check out the articles below for information on how to make Greek coffee and its benefits.

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Herbal Beverages:

Herbal teas such as sage, oregano, chamomile and a local mountain tea are consumed 2-3 times a day all year. These teas are also rich in antioxidants and are associated with longevity.


Wine is consumed in small amounts and always with food. Wine is known to have health benefits and is a source of antioxidants.

Challenge #4

Assess your drinking habits and your fluid requirements.

On average, you need about 8 glasses of water a day (about 2 liters). This can be fulfilled by water, but also the fluids in teas and coffee count. In addition, water-rich foods such as fruit and vegetables can also add up.

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