Mediterranean Diet Offers Benefits to Cancer Survivors

New research shows that following a Mediterranean may protect from cancer but also protect cancer survivors.

Science is continuously advancing at  preventing and treating cancer. This means more people are surviving cancer. However, how can cancer survivors live better lives? That’s where our choices, like the food we eat, come into play. We often look at diet only in terms of cancer prevention, but what about after cancer?

A recent review by Spanish researchers looked at how the Mediterranean diet can lower the risk of getting cancer and help people who have already beaten cancer. They looked at studies from the past 23 years and noted that the Mediterranean diet seems to be linked to a lower risk of getting cancer. And it’s reassuring to see that this diet seems to be helpful for people in different parts of the world.

The Mediterranean Diet and Cancer Risk

So, what does this diet do to your chances of getting cancer? Well, it looks like it can protect you from many types of cancer.

Digestive System: This includes cancers in your stomach and intestines. The Mediterranean diet seems to keep you safer from these cancers .
Other types of cancer: It’s not just the stomach and intestines. This diet might also help prevent cancer in other body parts. Although we need more studies to be sure, the early signs are positive.

The Mediterranean Diet and Cancer Survivors

For people who’ve already beaten cancer, the research shows that the Mediterranean diet could be a good choice. Here’s what this review showed:

Survival: Some early studies suggest that following this diet might help cancer survivors live longer.
Recurrence: It could also lower the chances of cancer coming back after treatment.
Morbidity: After cancer treatment, people might still have health problems. While we need more research, the Mediterranean diet might help with some of these issues.

In the fight against cancer, every little bit helps. The Mediterranean diet looks promising for reducing the risk of cancer and making life better for cancer survivors. The researchers note that more studies are needed, but the evidence so far is looking good. For tips on how to start a Mediterranean diet, check out these posts:

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