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Sautéed Zucchini with Feta

June 30, 2015 13 Comments

zucchini feta

I could not write this post without mentioning the current situation here in Greece. Yes, we have been going through some tough times. The Greek people have been asked to basically choose between a rock and a hard place. For the past years here in Greece we have been hit by increased austerity measures: taxes increasing everyday, salaries and the minimum wages going down, people losing their jobs, less money going into healthcare, schools and so many other services. Read more »


Greek Sour Cherry Preserves – Vissino Glyko Koutaliou

June 24, 2015 3 Comments

Greek sour cherry vissinoThese Greek fruit preserves are known as spoon sweets. Greeks do not spread these preserves on bread but serve them on their own as a dessert. Basically, when one would visit someone’s home, they serve them this sweet in small crystal plate with a spoon and a tall glass of cold water to wash it down. Years ago, the spoon sweet would be served communally. The hostess would bring a large jar full of the preserves with small spoons for each guest to serve themselves. However you only served yourself once and only a spoonful. Read more »


Feta and Strawberry Grilled Cheese Sandwich

June 12, 2015 4 Comments

strawberry feta sandwich

I like grilled cheese sandwiches in any shape or form. Here in Greece we have what you call a “tost”, which is basically a sandwich with cheese and ham that is toasted in a panini type press. Kids love it. Read more »


Greek Yellow Lentil Dip with Oregano-Fava Yahni

June 8, 2015 4 Comments

Greek fava with tomato, yellow split pea, yellow lentilsIf you like Greek cuisine or have traveled to Greece, you surely have tasted fava, it is yellow split pea cooked to a creamy puree, served with onion and capers and of course drizzled with olive oil. The fava, is not to be confused with the fava bean, this is yellow lentil or  yellow split pea. Read more »


Greek Island Almond Sweets – Amygthalota

June 3, 2015 Leave a Comment


The abundance of almonds on the Greek island lead to a number of desserts made with… what else? Almonds. If you have traveled to islands such as Mykonos, Tinos, Sifnos you may have seen these white little sweets. Read more »


Greek Style Green Beans-Fasolakia Lathera

May 14, 2015 19 Comments

Greek Green beans-Fasolakia

Ok, summer is almost here. And that means more lathera! Lathera as I’ve mentioned before, are a whole category of Greek recipes where vegetables are cooked in olive oil and tomato along with herbs. We eat this as a main course along with bread and feta cheese. I would say that this is the secret weapon of the Greek diet, it is why Greeks consistently have the highest intake of vegetables (per person) in the world. Read more »


Smashed Potato Appetizer

May 7, 2015 9 Comments

Smashed Roasted Potatoes

I first made this recipe a few months ago and ever since I have made it numerous times as an appetizer and it is delicious, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The ingredients are only two and of course staples of the Mediterranean diet and Greek cuisine: potatoes and olive oil. Inspired by a recipe here, I simplified them even more to resemble the classic Greek style fried potatoes (patates tiganites) in flavor and texture, but without the frying. Read more »