Feta and Strawberry Grilled Cheese Sandwich

strawberry feta sandwich

I like grilled cheese sandwiches in any shape or form. Here in Greece we have what you call a “tost”, which is basically a sandwich with cheese and ham that is toasted in a panini type press. Kids love it.

But I admit, I prefer heating a sandwich in the pan. We use olive oil instead of butter, using an olive oil spray bottle and use various cheeses including Greek ones such as graviera and of course feta. Feta is traditionally combined with summer fruit here in Greece such as watermelon, cantaloupe and grapes. Today I combined feta with strawberries with a touch of balsamic vinegar, and spraying the whole wheat bread with olive oil.

Feta is tangy and tasty so you do not need that much and was great with the strawberries. I had this for lunch and it was filling, flavorful and satisfying. Use whole wheat bread for some extra fiber.

This is a great alternative to a classic grilled cheese plus you get extra nutrients such as vitamin C, antioxidants and fiber.

Feta and Strawberry Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Author: Elena Paravantes
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  • Spray each slice of bread with the olive oil (or brush it on)
  • Sprinkle a few drops of balsamic vinegar on each slice of bread.
  • Layer the feta on one slice of bread and over t the strawberries.
  • Close the sandwich and grill on a pan under low to moderate heat.
  • Grill each side until golden.
  • Serve this with a small salad for a filling lunch.
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  1. Γειά σου Ελενα.

    Ψημένο ψωμάκι με φετα έχω δοκιμάσει.
    Με φράουλες πάλι όχι. Δεν θα σκεφτόμουν ποτε αυτόν το συνδυασμό.

    Θα το δοκιμάσω 🙂

    1. Έχει ενδιαφέρον, και γενικά οι φράουλες μπαίνουν και σε σαλάτες.

  2. Katina Vaselopulos says:

    Elena, I never had feta grilled sandwich. With strawberries! Wow!

    I am trying it for sure!