OliveTomato’s Most Popular Recipes of 2023

From spanakopita to grilled sardines, these are the top authentic Mediterranean recipes of the year at OliveTomato.

Revisiting the most popular dishes of the year, I have to say that vegetables clearly stole the spotlight! Fasolakia (Greek green beans) was the most popular dish. This is a staple in my home along with Greek style peas. I make it at least once a week. Other top recipes included my mother’s recipe for spanakopita (spinach pie) and also her recipe for spanakorizo (spinach rice) and some more recent recipes such as the easy and delicious One Pan Mediterranean Chicken and Rice and the Mediterranean Grilled Tomato Mozzarella Sandwich.

Keep reading for more dishes that you absolutely loved this year. You can find them (and many more) on OliveTomato.com

Greek green beans Fasolakia lathera
Greek Green Beans-Fasolakia
The original recipe for Greek green beans! Smooth and velvety green beans with potatoes stewed in tomato, herbs and olive oil. They will melt in your mouth! Perfect as a main course or a side. And they are vegan and gluten free.
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Spanakopita Greek spinach pie
Authentic Greek Spanakopita – Spinach and Feta Pie
The Greek authentic recipe for delicious spanakopita straight from my mothers notes! Crispy layers of phyllo dough brushed with olive oil cover a delicious spinach feta filling in this delicious traditional Greek recipe.
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spanakorizo Greek spinach and rice
Greek Spinach and Rice – Spanakorizo
Spanakorizo: A traditional Greek rice and spinach dish that will become a winter staple, thanks to its flavor.
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One Pan Mediterranean Chicken and Rice 2
One Pan Mediterranean Chicken and Rice (Quick and Easy)
This Mediterranean Chicken and rice is an easy one pan recipe, featuring flavorful Mediterranean flavors: juicy chicken is roasted along Greek style lemony garlic rice, providing the perfect balance of flavors and textures.
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Mediterranean grilled mozzarella sandwich
Mediterranean Grilled Tomato Mozzarella Sandwich
This scrumptious Mediterranean grilled tomato mozzarella sandwich features juicy tomatoes, melted mozzarella, complemented with extra virgin olive oil and rich sun-dried tomatoes. Each bite is a burst of flavor!
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Roasted sardines
Roasted Sardines with Garlic and Herb Crust
Simply delicious roasted sardines with a garlic herb crust – you can practically eat them with your hands.
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Spinach Casserole with feta and crunchy topping, Gratin. Melted feta along with spinach and a touch of parmesan. This is a perfect healthy recipe for a main dish, a side dish or brunch
Spinach Casserole with Feta and Crunchy Topping
This easy to make delicious and healthy spinach casserole, includes a crunchy topping, melted feta and a touch of parmesan. This is perfect for a main dish, a side dish and/or brunch.
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Greek Grilled Vegetables Briami
Briami or Briam- Authentic Greek Roasted Vegetables
Crispy potatoes, zucchini, eggplant, onion, tomato and bell peppers, roasted in olive oil. Eat it with feta cheese and fresh bread.
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Gemista Greek stuffed tomatoes
The Best Authentic Greek Stuffed Tomatoes and Peppers-Gemista
Try this quintessential summer Greek Mediterranean dish: Roasted summer vegetables stuffed with rice and herbs. The famous Gemista or Yemista.
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Greek chickpeas and rice #chickpeas #beans #rice #easy #recipe #vegan #mediterranean #greek #diet
Greek Chickpeas and Rice with Lemon & Tahini
This one-pot traditional Greek chickpea and rice recipe makes a delicious comforting meal and the lemon-tahini takes it to another level.
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