10 Easy Mediterranean Recipes for Beginners

These simple yet delicious beginner-friendly recipes will introduce you to the delicious and wholesome flavors of the authentic Mediterranean diet.

10 Easy Mediterranean Recipes for Beginners

Mediterranean Roasted white beans
Roasted White Beans with Vegetables Greek Style
This hearty dish includes white beans, peppers and cherry tomatoes, roasted in olive oil until moist and tender.
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Orzo recipe
Warm Greek Orzo with Feta and Tomato
Creamy and silky warm orzo cooked to perfection with tomato and topped with tangy feta.
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Greek chickpeas and rice #chickpeas #beans #rice #easy #recipe #vegan #mediterranean #greek #diet
Greek Chickpeas and Rice with Lemon & Tahini
This one-pot traditional Greek chickpeas and rice is a delicious comforting meal and the lemon-tahini takes it to another level.
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One-Pot Greek Chicken and Peas: Kotopoulo me Araka
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Greek lentils
Greek Lentil Soup-Fakes
A delicious yet simple lentil dish is a Greek classic all year round. Tender lentils cooked with onion and served with extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar.
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Mediterranean Baked Sole with Greek Ladolemono Dressing
Mediterranean Baked Sole with Greek Ladolemono Dressing
For this easy and delicious one pan fish recipe, sole fillets are baked with the flavorful Greek ladolemono dressing and herbs.
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One Pan Mediterranean Chicken and Rice 2
One Pan Mediterranean Chicken and Rice (Quick and Easy)
This Mediterranean Chicken and rice are an easy one pan recipe, featuring flavorful Mediterranean flavors: juicy chicken legs are roasted along Greek style lemony garlic rice.
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Baked Egg with Spinach and Feta
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tahini pita pizza
Mediterranean Pita Pizza with Tahini Sauce
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Shrimp with Tomatoes, Feta and Ouzo- Garides Saganaki
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  1. Hi , Thanks for sharing these yummy recipes. Just wondering why most of the meals are for 3 people? Is this a typo? Yet the saganaki is for 4. Pls let me know as I thought most recipes are designed for 4 people. Just curious.