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10 Delicious Mediterranean Party Dips

10 Mediterranean Party Dips that everybody will love #dips #mediterraneandiet #tzatziki #hummus #dips #spreads #sauce #healthy

Dips are a wonderful thing! You can dip in them all sorts of things: bread, breadsticks, carrots, cucumbers, pita, fruit, fish (yes here in Greece we may dip our fish in the famous skordalia), fries… you get the picture. But they are not only for dipping, they also make wonderful spreads for sandwiches: hummus or the Greek feta dip tirokafteri are absolutely wonderful in a sandwich. For me dips can really be a whole meal; just give some rusks and a dip and I’m happy. And finally dips can act as sauces as well, just serve them with fish, chicken or even over pasta.

In many cases though when we hear the word “dip”, we associate it with junk food, chips, generally things you should not be eating. Well, it is time to change that: Here you’ll find 10 Mediterranean dips that are not only delicious, but for the most part good for you! They are either made with plenty of vegetables or beans or creamy Greek thick yogurt. And instead of serving them with chips, bring out the dips with whole grain pita, breadsticks, Greek rusks, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks and cherry tomatoes.


10 Delicious Mediterranean Dips


Lentil Dip with Tahini and Lemon

This Mediterranean lentil-tahini-lemon dip is so rich in flavor and nutrition, it will become a weekly favorite!

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Authentic Tzatziki -Greek Garlic Yogurt Dip

The authentic recipe for this seriously addictive Greek yogurt and garlic dip known as tzatziki.

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Beet and Walnut Hummus

Gorgeous, creamy and healthy hummus with beets and walnuts.

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Greek Spicy Feta Cheese Dip – Tirokafteri

Spicy Feta cheese dip. This traditional Greek dip has it all: creamy, just a touch spicy, tangy and so satisfying.

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Taramosalata or Taramasalata? Try 3 Recipes and Find Out Why it’s Healthy.

Three recipes for this tasty and addictive Greek fish roe recipe. Here’s how to make it the traditional way or the easy way and find out why it’s healthy.

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Greek Eggplant Dip-Melitzanosalata

This mediterranean dip will please everyone. Slow roasted eggplant comes together with olive oil and a touch of garlic and the result is delicious and healthy.

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Creamy Greek Yogurt Lemon Caper Dip

A creamy Mediterranean dip with a burst of flavor from the capers and lemon. Ready in 10 minutes

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Red Pepper Dip with Feta Cheese and Greek Yogurt

Super easy and yummy mediterranean inspired dip made with red peppers, feta cheese and Greek yogurt.

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Three Recipes for Skordalia: Greek Garlic Sauce

Skordalia, the popular and so delicious Greek garlic dip is rich, healthy and full of antioxidants. Here are 3 different recipes.

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Greek Island Parsley-Garlic Dip

This super-easy, flavorful parsley recipe is perfect as a dip or as a sauce for pasta and meat.

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10 Mediterranean Party Dips that everybody will love #dips #mediterraneandiet #tzatziki #hummus #dips #spreads #sauce #healthy

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